{ About Me }


I am Ashu Pal and I live in a beautiful city Greno (Greater Noida) under Delhi-NCR region. I’ve been into Software-IT for past 12+ yrs. My core expertise lies in front-end design & development that includes expert knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 & JAVASCRIPT ES6, and WordPress CMS. I love working on web technologies and experimenting with various frameworks & libraries available in the similar domain. I provided solutions and consultation for many of my clients in India & Overseas on various platforms.

My life agenda is to…

Keep Learning & Keep Moving Forward

While developing my own digital products, I wondered how applications gain so much exposure & popularity in such a short amount of time & came to know Digital Marketing is the key, so over the years I also developed a keen interest in Digital Marketing Techniques as well and acquired quite a knowledge for the same, this plus point gave me an extra edge while guiding my clients for their app development from a market-ready perspective.

I also helped many startups to stand up fast on their feet with brand creation, growth hacking, clients persona building, defining concise monetization and content strategies.. so much so by effectively implementing all my skill sets, what I learned over the years by being into entrepreneurship.

The good thing is that I am still learning & shifting gradually towards full stack development. These days I am grinding my mind with MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS) Stack & Google Cloud Platform Solutions…

My Technology Stack

  • ALL
  • Web Technologies
  • UI/UX
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Cloud

My Certifications