As a blogger when you create a piece of content, you naturally want your new piece of content to be seen by as many people as possible. But can you make sure that your work reaches the largest intended audiences? Simply, you need to focus on writing for your audience first and SEO second. If you want readers to truly engage with your content, you have to keep your audience in mind while creating your content.

There’s no denying that SEO is an important is an important field and serves a function, but that doesn’t mean you’re writing for Google or any other search engine. If you want your content to reach widest people, you need to write quality content for people and make your content readable. If you do so then search engines will pick up your content.

How to increase your search engine ranking without writing for search engines? Don’t forget, who you are writing for in the first place. Every audience has not the same interest so you have to keep their interests in your mind.

You need to change the way think about keywords. Nobody wants to read content with your keyword phrase in every other sentence. It is important to use relevant keywords in your content, but they should be used naturally and in fluent language. You can use synonyms or related words to avoid re-using the same keyword over and over.

Readers don’t turn into returning visitors without access to well-written & engaging content. If you provide maximum value in your content, you’ll get people spreading your link across other blog. You will go viral on your social media network also. Make your post interesting and publish it.

Update your site/blog frequently. However, Google loves updated content. Add your keyword phrase in your slug, so your phrase is in your URL.

Every piece of online content you write is really for two audiences; online readers and search engines. Both are important but your audience get the edge and hold more weight. Compelling and relevant content should be your first priority when it comes to SEO. You should write for your audience first.

Monetizing the efforts by converting the traffic into customers is the main objective of creating any blog or website. Search engines may be indexing your content but it is the people that are reading it. Hence, the readers should be focused more than the search engines as they are the ultimate resources. Therefore, instead of just trying to please Google, you must focus on writing useful, engaging, and informative content. This will definitely help you to improve search engine rankings and drive more engagement with your content.