What are the Infographics?

& why these are vital today? Infographics are the visual representation of content or data to present information quickly, clearly, and effectively without a ton of heavy reading. Over the years, info-graphics have gained a lot of popularity over the internet, especially on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These are the most effective way to build brand awareness and inbound links. It can help you to cut your cost of standard online marketing campaigns.


How Infographics and SEO work together?

Do you know that there are more than two million blog posts written each and every day? but how many of those include interactive content like Infographics. Bloggers who use info-graphics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t use which results in higher search engine rankings. However, it can be the most effective strategies in an overall digital marketing campaign when you add Infographics to your site/blog.

High-quality Infographics (highly graphical visualization tools) are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. 40% of people respond better to visual content than text. So, the content marketers need to do their content marketing with Infographics to attract attention of their target audiences.


Why Infographics are useful for business owners and digital marketers?

How Infographics are evergreen assets for your business?
Infographics are highly effective visual tools that can capture the attention and imagination of your visitors. 90% of information that comes to people’s mind is visual in nature. To combine the power of text, graphics, and photos into a compelling Infographics will lead to 48% increase in viewership. This will make you content go viral on social media sites.

Infographics make target visitors stay longer to your website and consume more of your content. Due to their success in delivering information quickly and clearly to the visitors in a very innovative and appealing way, several businesses are showing their interest in infographics.

If you are not satisfied with your current results of your content marketing then you might consider Infographics to your current efforts. Infographics make want to share your posts on their social media accounts. As social media networks could share thousands or millions of your infographics. This will bring visitors to your website and then to convert those visitors into leads. Infographics drive a successful digital marketing campaign through SEO (search engine optimization). And ultimately it can thus help you to convert your visitors into customers.